We are one of Townsville's largest suppliers of timber fencing products. We have Colonial and Batten (flat top) palings in many sizes and widths, posts, rails, sleepers and all the accessories such as nails, screws, masonry achors and cement just to name a few

Supply and Install

See below some of the timber fences we can quote on for you!


1.8m high butted flat top with top capping rail and 'Floating' exposed posts

1.8 flat top 100mm pine paling butted fencing with exposed square posts and top capping rail

1.5m high flat top pine paling fencing with a top capping rail

1.8m high flat top palings butted with exposed posts, top capping rail and a treated sleeper

1.8m high batten (flat top) neighbour friendly with top capping rail

Exposed pyramid top profiled posts with scalloped peaked paling and flat top palings

1.8m high Colonial top fencing, butted together (no gap)

1.8m high Colonial top pine paling fence with exposed posts and 'Peaked' palings

'Windsor K' hand cut palings on a sliding gate

1.2m high pyramid profiled posts with pyramid peaked pine palings

100x100 square pyramid top pine post with a featured paling

Horizontal Valleyboard slat fencing with exposed posts and a sliding gate

Horizontal Valleyboard slat fencing with a custom made single gate

Horizontal hardwood

Post Profiling

Retaining Walls

Vertical Hardwood

Colonial top butted

1.8m high flat top pine paling fencing with a top capping rail around a corner

1.8m high batten with steel posts bolted to a retaining all

Flat top pine paling fencing with top capping rail on a retaining wall

under house enclosure

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